[Blind Box] #1. Cigar Box

Item #01. Cigar Box

  • Creator: Puros Nirvana
  • Function: Case for 25 “Churchill” type cigars
  • Creation Date: Unknown
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Dimensions: 4 1/4 x 8 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches

First up, the cigar box. It proved more of a challenge than first expected, shrouding much of its history in…well…a cloud of smoke.

Cigar Box OpenStamp DetailBottom

Its most prominant identifying feature is the inscription “Churchill 7 1/2″ x .50” branded onto three of the four of its outer walls. As you may have guessed, these cigars get their namesake from everybody’s favorite stogie-totin’ British statesman, Winston Churchill. The title “Churchill” refers to a specific size and shape of cigar, rather than a brand, first given that name by the Cuban company, Romeo y Julieta, who renamed their “Julieta” line out of appreciation for their biggest customer. Reportedly, Curchill bought 4000 of them annually.

The measurements refer to the size of the cigar, the length and the diameter (or “ring guage”) respectively. The original Churchill actually measures 7″ x 47, making these a bit larger. Apparently, it takes about two hours to smoke an entire Churchill, meaning a good two days of nonstop smoking could have taken place to rid this box of its original contents. If, perchance, you have time and the inclination to smoke a whole one, you may pass the time with this lengthy account of a supposed Nazi plot to assassinate Churchill by poisoning his cigars.

The bottom of the box bears a stamp that reads “Totally hand made in Nicaragua by Puros Nirvana.” This means that not only were certain parts of the cigars assembled by hand, but the whole cigar was handcrafted (“Totalmente a mano”), a mark of superiority in the tobacco world. I couldn’t track down many references to Puros Nirvana, but two linked them to the Dominican Republic, so they may have migrated at some point.

Unfortunately, the red stamp turned out to be more of a red herring; I found another impression of it on a note enclosed with the box, suggesting it was added by the artist. As far as rubber stamps go though, it is an interesting image, with two crossed rifles in front of a branch, and something I can’t quite make out at the base (a gunpowder horn? a carrot?).

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2 Comments on “[Blind Box] #1. Cigar Box”

  1. John Says:

    That Flank Steak looks simply uncanny. Seriously, I want a pillow of meat in every room of my house.

  2. Dennis Brady Says:

    PUROS NIRVANA long leaf filler *** totally handmade

    hook me up!

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