[Blind Box] #7 Washington D.C. Stereo Card

Please excuse the brief hiccup…the bubble hasn’t burst.

  • Creator: Keystone View Company, Colorado
  • Object Type: stereo card
  • Creation Date: 1909
  • Origin: Washington, DC
  • Dimensions: 4 x 8 inches
  • Note: Series no. error; “#234” appears on front, “#224” on back

Stereoscopy is positively miraculous, if only for its singular ability to make people and places from the 19th Century feel actual. There are several easy DIY stereo viewer plans online (link). Sadly, an apparatus for effective computer viewing is harder to come by without un-stowing some folding money.

One alternative is the alleged “cross viewing method“, which, in at least one opinion, is both futile and painful. To simply get the gist however, the “wiggle method” suffices, produced here in an animated .gif (the boughs of the leftmost tree work seem to work the best…won’t work in all browsers):


Either Teddy Roosevelt or William Howard Taft held the Presidency when this image was captured. Finding out who filled the Senate proved difficult, while stats abound for the impressively atrocious 1909 Washington Senators baseball team. (Sidenote: the next year, Taft was the first President ever to throw out a first pitch.)

The back (click to enlarge):

“We have no need for apologies for our national capitol”…which is more than can be said for North Dakota (image).

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